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Workshop report from Steph: A small group of eager participants, full of excitement to continue our individual journeys in art practice, gathered for a half day introductory session with Glenys (workshop #2). We all very quickly realized that our expertise and experience was as diverse as it could possibly be. We ranged from one participator who has derived her income from a lifelong art practice to another who works full time and squeezes a bit of art and creativity in the time left at the end of the day – and everything in between! It was a challenge to Glenys who ably led, pushed, motivated, mentored, tutored and persisted with us throughout the 4 1/2 days. What I thought would be a journey somewhat akin to a skip down the 2-lane highway became a steep uphill climb on a gravel road full of challenges and excitement topped off with the exhilaration that comes with achievement at the end. We all left the class with more work to do on our unfinished projects, buoyed by the conversations, the dialogue, the shared and personal understandings that we each developed during our time together.

Glenys is surely a master leader ready to share her wisdom, knowledge and ability to stretch us all to improve our practice and commitment. Thank you Glenys.

Take a look at some of the work done by participants at the second workshop.