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Member Feature: Jill Dixson

We hope you enjoy learning more about Jill and her textile journey.

When and why did you join Stitching and Beyond?

I was an inaugural member, having been a member of The Embroiderers Guild and a couple of quilting groups and wanted more flexibility in my textile work.

What is your background to becoming a textile and fibre artist?

I have always enjoyed making things which involved fabric, including my own clothes when young.  I majored in art for my Teaching Degree and have been involved with some form of textiles ever since and have taken part in many different workshops over the years.

Tell us about your work including your inspiration, techniques, materials and what you are currently working on.

I take many photos on any travelling I do and these are always an inspiration, as is my garden.  I tend to do more hand stitch now and like working with mixed media – mostly fabric and paper combined.  Currently I am concentrating on small collages in a sketchbook and make it my practice to do one each day.  Sometimes I work on a theme – eg after travelling to Spain and Portugal I did a series of small fans and then when we visited the Kimberley this became the inspiration for a number of fabric and paper collages which I then combined into a larger work.  I am also working on my 2nd Traveller’s Blanket which is all fabric and hand stitching.

Where do you create your work?

I am lucky to have a spare bedroom as my dedicated work space and also a room under the house for messier activities such as printing and dyeing.

Has membership of Stitching and Beyond had an influence on your practice?  How?

Yes definitely.  I enjoy the stimulation of seeing the work of others, the friendships and the workshops we’ve been so lucky to have had over the years. 

Anything else you would like to add?

Although Covid 19 has currently put a stop to visiting International artists I feel very lucky to have the constant interest and stimulation of our group and all the on-line courses and groups available to us all.

Some of Jill’s pieces