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Australia Wide Seven is a juried exhibition showcasing the work of Ozquilt Network Members. It was on show in America’s National Quilt Museum, and will next be on display at the Manning Regional Art Gallery from 25 August – 16 October 2022.

Stitching and Beyond members Sandra Champion and Lynne Hargreaves have entries in this amazing collection.

Sandra Champion ‘Summer Inferno #2’

“The bushfires in Australia this summer were apocalyptic. The landscape was left blackened, everything gone, except for piles of rubble and corrugated iron where homes once stood.”

Materials: Vintage papers, tissue, vintage silks, corrugated cardboard, foil, thread

Techniques: Painted, hand and machine stitched to make paper textile

Lynne Hargreaves ‘Abstracted Landscapes: Apple Isle’

“I’m attracted to the pattern in nature. I’m currently working with the linear qualities of the landscape. Simplifying and abstracting elements and exploring drawing with stitch and surface texturing.”

Materials: Assorted hand dyed cotton, fleece, embroidery floss

Techniques: Differing fabric hues layered and pieced together then over worked with double needle and free motion machine stitching. Linear patterning worked in machine, couched thread, reverse appliqué and chenille slashing.