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Help us celebrate our members’ successes by letting us know when you or another member’s work is published, selected, nominated, or has won particular recognition in a textile art event. 


Sept 2016 Janet Bush
Finalist in Tidal 16: City of Devonport National Art Award

A biennial, acquisitive award. Artists residing in Australia are invited to submit 2-dimensional artworks that reflect on tidal – the natural, cultural, personal or political concerns related to the sea and coastal regions.

The Award provides a contemporary platform for artists to ponder the myriad perspectives and challenges inherent within the interconnections of land and sea while also encouraging excellence in concept, innovation and execution of 2-dimensional artwork.

Good Luck Janet for Finalist Exhibition Opening & Award recipient announced: Friday 25 November 6:30 pm


Sept 2016 Anzara Clark
Palliative Care Australia Life In Death Art Competition

Christening Shroud is part of Anzara’s efforts to increase awareness of and start conversations about stillbirth. The work is a life-size hand embroidered paper christening gown/shroud combination that represents the poignancy and grief of stillbirth, when the moment of welcome is also the moment of farewell.

It is an intensely personal work. Anzara made it to honour her grandson Cody who was stillborn at term in 2009. ‘Christening Shroud’ has also been exhibited in the Paper Garments For The Grave exhibition. Even in the death literacy community, stillbirth is not widely discussed and Anzara is dedicated to bring stillbirth into the light through her artwork. Peoples Choice voting for the Life In Death Art competition is online and can be accessed through the link  http://dyingtotalk.org.au/art/vote/ 

If people would like to join her to raise awareness of stillbirth through this forum by voting for ‘Christening Shroud’ and while ‘Christening Shroud’ was made for Cody and her daughter, as a response to her personal experience and walk with grief; it is also a widely shared story and honours all stillborn babies and their families.

July 2016 Sandra Champion Published Article: Down Under Textile, Issue 24
Down Under Textiles Iss.24 cover

Congratulations to Sandra, her work Endling#1 is published in Down Under Textiles.  The article features the steps in making the work.

It is the first in an ongoing series exploring the critically endangered plant, Lomatia tasmanica.  Endling means the last surviving individual of a species – it is a single rhizomatous plant, more than 40,000 years old, that grows in a remote area in the Southwest Tasmania World Heritage Area.   

Please see the article for more details.
Facebook page


July 2016 Anzara Clark Runner up, 2016 Paper On Skin Burnie Paper Wearable Art Award
sb3 sb2

 ‘Bushido – Way of the Warrior’

Vintage Japanese book pages, recycled used tea bags, sashiko thread, thread, dye, paint, Bondcrete

 ‘Bushido – Way of the Warrior’ is a work inspired by a collection of antique Samurai armour, Japanese paper and textile traditions (specifically ‘boro’ – Japanese patchwork) and an exploration of Japanese aesthetics. Made from recycled vintage Japanese book pages, recycled used teabags, sashiko thread, thread, dye, paint and Bondcrete, the work incorporates a diverse range of techniques, including, hand and machine stitching, crochet, hand twisted paper string/yarn, weaving, paper maché, paper laminating and sculpting techniques and printing.  The work consists of a lined kimono and complete set of Samurai armour and includes 1,800 recycled teabags, 2,000 hand cut and shaped laminated paper scales and over 2 kilograms of hand twisted paper yarn. The back of the kimono is embellished with the calligraphy of the ‘8 Virtues of Bushido’ (The Samurai Code). These are rectitude or justice, courage, benevolence or mercy, politeness, honesty and sincerity, honour, loyalty, and character and self-control.

‘Bushido – Way of the Warrior’ explores the tensions between the martial and non-martial philosophical aspects of the Samurai tradition – where aggression is tempered by self –discipline, honour dances with loyalty, service is integral to power and justice and benevolence are inseparable. The Eight Virtues of Bushido are the precepts that underpinned true manhood in the Samurai tradition. The Samurai tradition was a way of life, in which every detail and nuance expressed a commitment to the philosophy of Bushido – a promise, a choice and an inspiration. Connect with her on Facebook.

Congratulations, Anzara!

sbf sb4 sb5
sb6 sb1
July 2016 Chantale Delrue Finalist Waterhouse Natural Science and Art Prize – South Australian Museum in Adelaide

Chantale works in different media ranging from textiles, works on paper to sculpture and installation work.  She is currently is a finalist in the Waterhouse Natural Science and Art Prize at the South Australian Museum in Adelaide

_K325701Hildegard’ Book of Herbs

March 2016 Sandra Champion Juried in to the SAQA exhibition, Tranquility

Buttongrass Creek Winter Walk detail walk detail 

Congratulations to Sandra. Her quilt “Buttongrass Creek: Winter Walk” has
been juried into the SAQA Exhibition, Tranquility.  The exhibition will debut
at the International Quilt Festival, Houston, Texas in November and will then
travel to additional venues.  Some members may be familiar with Buttongrass
Creek as it is in Peter Murrell Reserve at Blackmans Bay and enters the River Derwent in Northwest Bay.
In addition, Sandra is the only Australian to have an entry juried in to the
two exhibitions SAQA has just announced.
March 2016 Anzara Clark Juried into Common Threads Wearable Art Showcase , Mandurah, WA

IMG_3255Anzara writes: Here are a few ‘taster ‘ photos of my Common Threads garment. They are only the sample photos taken for the preselection process. There are professional ones coming and I am keeping the  whole garment view under wraps until the show – a bit of mystery – and the professional ones will be much better.

The theme this year is ‘illumination’ and I was inspired by an old Victorian lampshade I had which was in too poor a condition to use) and the two aspects of Victorian era morality, reflecting it in dress and in the title of the work – Victorian Secrets.  The work is made entirely of recycled domestic textiles and haberdashery and includes elements of the original lampshade that inspired it. The LED lighting is the only new component. The work is mainly handstitched onto the frame. The underwear components are from original Victorian patterns – including the cross over crutchless Queen Victoria style drawers. it is a multi layered garment in many aspects and was quite a journey of experimentation to construct.


I am living in Victoria now and in the next couple of weeks will be launching my new studio in the Dandenongs – ‘Tallawalla Cottage Studio” – visitors welcome by appointment. I will have some studio pics up on my FB page. Such a beautiful and inspiring environment to live and work. And enough time to settle in before I start my studio residency at Heritage Hill historic site in the spring.

photo copy Anzara-Clarke3



March 2016 Mahdi Chandler Invited to publish in Embellish
Notebooks from the forest floor

Notebooks from the forest floor


Congratulations to Mahdi! We all love to see Mahdi’s beautiful eco dyeing experiments, and we are delighted to see her acknowledged in print! The publishers of Embellish approached Mahdi after seeing her website, and asked her to write an article. Notebooks from the Forest Floor was published  in Issue 25, page 46  –  Mahdi’s work featuring inspiration from among the trees.



March 2016 Aukje Boonstra Invited to publish in Noserial

Congratulations to Aukje who was invited to publish in Noserial, a new eclectic online lifestyle magazine about sustainable design and entirely dedicated to the promotion of eco-conscious artists.

Open Drawer altered red jumper

Open Drawer altered red jumper

 Art dress made of an eco dyed piece of underwear mens ties and pieces of dyed silk shirts

Art dress made of an eco dyed piece of underwear mens ties and pieces of dyed silk shirts

Petticoat ecodyed handstitched embellished with buttons

Petticoat ecodyed handstitched embellished with buttons

February 2016               Sally Westcott    
Invited to exhibit internationally

Last year Wil Opio Oguta invited Sally Westcott to join a blog group called Stitched . Currently there 13 members from all around the world. The aim of the group is for each person to make 4 small theme-related quilts (12″ x 24″) a year. Wil has arranged for the quilts to be exhibited at the Quilt Expo Beaujolais, April 13-16. Sally writes, “I am really honoured to be invited to be part of this group.”

Sally Westcott 4Pod  1 Sally Westcott 1Pod 2
Sally Westcott 2Pod 3 Sally Westcott 3Pod 4

February 2016

Lisa Walton and Sally Westcott

Juried into A Matter of Time

a matter of time is a travelling textile art exhibition curated by Brenda Gael Smith comprised of 32 works exploring the fourth dimension (time) in cloth. Exhibitors are from Australia, the UK, USA, Canada and NZ and the exhibition will be seen internationally. Congratulations to Lisa and Sally for being selected from such a diverse field.

Lisa Walton Where Did the time go Lisa Walton Where did the Time Go?
Sally Westcott Time FliesSally Westcott Time Flies




Looking back: Limelight in 2015

Looking back: Limelight in 2014

Looking back: Limelight in 2013

Stitching and Beyond Inc. encourages all members to participate in events of all kinds and it is important for us to acknowledge those people who are accorded ‘special mentions’ by the textile arts community.  Please keep us informed when you and other members achieve formal recognition so we can share your successes and stories with our readership.


Stitching and Beyond Inc. acknowledges the support provided by Aon Insurance.

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